About Us

BoomZone is a 6-floor, purpose-built, fully-equipped private office and co-working facility in Ealing, West London.

We provide a unique, tailored range of offices and services to our clients from promising entrepreneurs and SME's to larger entities looking to take their growth even further. 

Due to the diverse mix of clients we manage, our services range from turn-key offices and fixed desks to partnering with larger clients, who require full floors for their business', to design, build, and manage their tailor-made space. 

At the core of our business is the idea that the workplace should be a place where one can focus on growth, whilst having the facilities needed to step away from the desk, relax and de-stress. We have created a workplace that our clients enjoy coming to and that captures their work, lifestyle and connectivity needs.

Looking for an office for yourself or business? Call us or enquire below to discuss how we can work together.

Our Mission

Create an environment that seamlessly captures the work, life and connectivity needs of our clients regardless of their sector or stage of growth.


Key Team

Sam Dace

Site Manager

Shaima Mirza

Operations Manager

Jasmine Ruske



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22 Uxbridge Road 

Ealing, London 

W5 2RJ

Tel: 020 7692 0600


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Have a question? Simply get in touch with us below or call us on 020 7692 0600.