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About Us

BoomZone is a 6-floor, purpose-built, fully-equipped private office and co-working facility in Ealing, West London.

We provide a unique, tailored range of offices and services to our clients from promising entrepreneurs and SME's to larger entities looking to take their growth even further. 


Due to the diverse mix of clients we manage, our services range from turn-key offices and fixed desks to partnering with larger clients, who require full floors for their business', to design, build, and manage their tailor-made space. 

At the core of our business is the idea that the workplace should be a place where one can focus on growth, whilst having the facilities needed to step away from the desk, relax and de-stress. We have created a workplace that our clients enjoy coming to and that captures their work, lifestyle and connectivity needs.

Looking for an office for yourself or business? Call us or enquire below to discuss how we can work together.

Our Mission

Create an environment that seamlessly captures the work, life and connectivity needs of our clients regardless of their sector or stage of growth.


Entrepreneurship runs in the house of Mirzas. Mr. Camran Mirza, the founder of Boomzone, followed his father’s path to explore the diversity and opportunity of businesses all around the world. On the very first trip to the Middle East, he set up his business in 1981. There is no looking back since then, and for the past 3 decades, he has ventured into new and exciting enterprises in both UK and the Middle East.

Having an engineer’s degree in Production and Mechanical has helped him understand the insights and dynamism of business operations right from its conception to actualization! It has certainly helped Camran Mirza stay updated with the world affairs and to know what is trending in the business arena right now.

Boomzone too is one of his inspirations of being UpToDate with the market trends. He saw the growing traction co-working spaces have in today’s time and he seized the opportunity!



Key Team

Sam Dace

Site Manager


Shaima Mirza

Operations Manager


Jasmine Ruske


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